Friday, November 8, 2019

Shirley Bassey - Discography

Known to Americans most for her belting rendition of the theme to Goldfinger, the 1964 edition in the James Bond series (as well as 1971's Diamonds Are Forever and 1979's Moonraker), Shirley Bassey was one of the most popular female vocalists in Britain during the last half of the 20th century. Known as "Bassey the Belter" and also the "Tigress of Tiger Bay," her early career in touring shows and cabaret brought her a recording contract with Philips by the late '50s. After reaching the top of the British charts in 1959 with "As I Love You" and later "Reach for the Stars/Climb Every Mountain," Bassey was tapped to sing the theme song to the third James Bond vehicle. Her voice, brassy and sexy, conveyed the James Bond myth perfectly, and the song became a big hit in America. Though later chart placings in the U.S. were few, she continued to do well in Great Britain, France, and the Netherlands into the mid-'70s.

All Albums are 320kbps Bitrate

1959 - Showboat!grZASAAB!V__k8naZDl2UIcizEAVLLKHoeDMUJ9M42_WThYOAgpA

1959 - The Fabulous Shirley Bassey!5yAinYQC!yiJ41UrFyH1qaDAuPPXt4we7H2guVU9Q6Q5t2i7TCZo

1961 - Shirley!hvQ2kIaQ!2cxknymNOkh1k4TGiVG2NbPeH_BS3EGSeZUXJQifUGY

1961 - Shirley Bassey!9vZykKbJ!5fa3mq6e2mR93xcUabWgy9IvIrYHJ9Y3uhIDwsPHl0k

1962 - Let's Face the Music!gqZW1YxS!93NdcAw9d4f53W7qBCYfnJcE443vKKJT6yQGBBpSe6U

1965 - Shirley Bassey at the Pigalle (Live)!AyQkDCJI!4eFCeuP8Oj6X4Onj-m3PTchhd9DuL1Yqfi7KHpjqxXc

1965 - Stops The Shows!0nRwQaLT!r_LPWVouQQ7SB40Af5ziCOFGbvaFs-zeFfMyZDhWJT0

1968 - 12 Of Those Songs!VrZm2AhQ!TYbpdgsCvd3YVKAg3yIINQZDmWC2qAyiNF1JnhLNGng

1968 - This Is My Life!E3YiSSAb!jVr_VNAkEhWHlOXGElhx_p3yW5KGmoAnZEuojAH9gVw

1970 - Something!VqACDCQI!0TdYv4as-trxZlBTJt6B1Zy627lt4ITfNsAtVyMlIBM

1971 - Something Else!pnJwQKBQ!pz_hGE45oA3bcnW-g8l6AYwZbrtHLBDVP0nWa-vKkUY

1972 - And I Love You So!FyImUKiY!odgXHCqOXh0J9_LJFAEBx-cO93lfUwvlHhhSX9Dn-BQ

1972 - I Capricorn!43BgGSyJ!pc0ciP2UjVHPanMLyTYlXkGFZUtenny63oLCs23XVEA

1973 - Never Never Never!duAExAaJ!jJ_bKQ0MUC9HnZmrBOSF-qokw_lNJMqLLwxqJ-lpaTQ

1974 - Nobody Does It Like Me!0mAEDYyA!Ts70cJlX2wfv-nrfo3MHGlL3CAYgH0A4pHuRFyzcdlw

1975 - Good Bad but Beautiful!4uB2zKQZ!a6cDA21v8z8XS9wv1FfGAnOdhvNmUAw9TiNkEsOmDkg

1976 - Love Life and Feelings!MmAk2ITC!Yn9qWu0jsPZ5JHyNoMBjrn-XMaiCfe3Ja16jDpV4QWw

1978 - The Magic Is You!QyIAVKRB!0l2py-3XFiUcHNyswb0AUY-PrW4h0R634BpbfESK7lw


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